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Inter Service à Saint-Malo
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img_icones/Evenements/etiquette-nouveau.pngAnimation maison de quartier La Découverte - by webmaster 20/02/2017 @ 09:21

Animation maison de quartier La Découverte

Toujours soucieux de la sensibilisation auprès de jeunes, c'est à l'occasion des vacances scolaires, qu'une équipe de l'ARACE à monté un atelier de découverte de la radio avec des jeunes de la maison de quartier "La Découverte" à Saint-Malo.


Les photos

img_icones/Desktop/Nuvola_apps_iconthemes.pngEncore un nouveau F4 chez ARACE - by Webmaster 30/01/2017 @ 17:59

Nouveau F4 chez ARACE

Encore un moment agréable pour l'association !

En effet, ce jour notre SWL Patrick a réussi sa licence F4...! Réussite du labeur et du sérieux qu'il à eu dans la préparation, le travail est toujours récompensé.
Une belle récompense pour toi Patrick, maintenant tu vas pouvoir prendre le micro car tu l'as bien mérité encore bravo, cette réussite t'appartient !

Bravo également au formateur F5BNJ Jacky pour cette nouvelle réussite dans la formation qu'il dispense tous les vendredis soir.

D'autres candidats sont en préparation de la licence, merci de de leur confiance.

Maintenant à toi les DX et la joie des contacts avec un indicatif personnel, que du bonheur !

A bientôt sur l'air Patrick.

Galette 2017, photos - by webmaster 22/01/2017 @ 23:34

Galette 2017,  photos !

On Saturday, January 21, members of the ARACE gathered in Saint-Malo to share the galette des rois. About fifty people had responded to the invitation, to share this very convivial moment.
This meeting allowed many exchanges, warm reunion where everyone enjoyed seeing friends again.
Conversations were going on for the sharing of the traditional galette of kings.

Next meeting at the Radio Club, which is open every Friday night at the City of Aleth in Saint Malo.

Photos of this day

img_icones/Evenements/logorefunion.gifRadio-Ref 905 - ISS - by webmaster 09/01/2017 @ 23:56

L'article consacré à notre contact avec l'ISS dans le Radio REF de Janvier.


Radio-Ref N°905

ARISS Proxima - by webmaster 18/12/2016 @ 13:58


ARISS proxima

Contact between ARACE, with the Collège Jean Charcot of Saint-Malo and the ISS
Thursday 8 December at 16:19


Complete reconstruction of the ARISS contact of 08/12/2016
From the Collège Charcot de Saint-Malo with the ARACE and Thomas Pesquet aboard the ISS.

Thanks to all the OM who sent us spontaneously their registration of this contact and in particular to ON4ISS.

youtube-p.jpg AssociationARACE



18-12/2016 On line of the article West France of the day, on the handing over to the pupils of the Lycée Jean-Charcot, of the video reconstruction of the contact made with Thomas Pesquet.
This ceremony was organized last Thursday (15/12/2016) in the presence of students, professors and the press.
In this video, the sound quality is optimal and students will now be able to work on Thomas's answers.

For ARACE, the loop is now complete and we will be able to move towards new projects.
15/12/2016 Upload the reconstructed video with sound from ON4ISS
11/12/2016 Addition of two articles of press published in the West-France of Saturday 10/12 and in that of Sunday 11/12
09/12/2016 The photo album of the event, thanks to Yves our photographer             

The report broadcast last night on TVR (To position towards 2 "16 ')      TVR2.jpg
08/12/2016 The contact with Thomas Pesquet was realized this Thursday, December 08.

Despite a somewhat difficult contact *, this did not prevent the students from living a unique moment. A great moment for ARACE and Jean Charcot College!
* The contact was made in UHF on 437 MHz, because an SSTV activity in VHF was planned the same day depriving us of more favorable conditions for this contact.

You can relive the live of the event with the replay and a photo album will probably present you tomorrow.
07/12/2016 The final live is in place and active, but the live will not start until tomorrow at 15h00

Today was the last day and the last preparations before tomorrow's contact. Setting up the carpet that covers the entire room, setting up the chairs and after a well deserved meal at our partner of the operation, the café "La P'tite" we made a few last adjustments.
05/12/2016 The tests of the live on the site of the college are very conclusive, and we should be able to broadcast several cameras, either independently or simultaneously according to the goodwill of the "director". After several tests, it is a stream "Youtube direct" which has been selected and will be broadcast "live" from Thursday 15:00. Tomorrow night you should be able to see the feed waiting page to make sure everything is working at home.
03/12/2016 16h30 - The tests of the settings of the live video stream have just finished successfully. They will remain to validate them on the site of the college what will be done at the beginning of next week.
02/12/2016 17h00 - Thanks to our new partner for the operation, namely the Thermes Marins de Saint-Malo


12:00 - Our team is currently fine tuning the configuration of the live video stream that will be in place when contacting the ISS. Many adjustments are necessary in order to obtain optimum picture and sound quality.
Tomorrow will be the final test of our "live video" solution and if everything is correct, we will broadcast you in the coming days the broadcast channel that will be used.
01/12/2016 General repetition of the progress of the contact with the students and the teachers, the timing of the questions / answers seems good, the technique also.

Joseph, our mentor ARISS contacted us and our ITU friends who encourage us from Geneva, thanks to them for their valuable advice.
Still some small points on the broadcast live to settle and we will be ready.

ARACE ISS_005.jpg ARACE ISS_010.jpg ARACE ISS_012.jpg
ARACE ISS_031.jpg ARACE ISS_037.jpg ARACE ISS_043.jpg
30/11/2016 The day and time of the contact are confirmed, it will be Thursday December 8th at 16h19mn.
17/11/2016 The ARISS contact with the ISS is fast approaching for ARACE ...

For info it will be in the week of 05/12/16 to 11/12/16 that we will have the pleasure to put in contact the ISS (international space station) and the college Jean Charcot Saint Malo.

Currently the tests of the material and the organization are carried out practically every day and everything happens for the best, which suggests a very good contact.
We are working to have a live video stream that will be broadcast on our website and the town hall of Saint Malo is also working to set up live information during the contact.
It will be posted here even in the next days pictures of the progress of the preparations and we will soon to communicate to you the definitive date and time of the contact (the confirmation of the date and the schedule of the appointment is not communicated Than in the week preceding the contact).

Rendez-vous here for the latest information of this event.


Some photos of the preparatory meetings    
ISS.jpg ISS2.jpg ISS3.jpg
The team of teachers and the ARACE The students, their teacher and the ARACE team will participate in the ARISS contact with the ISS

* : ARISS : Worldwide Educational Program under the auspices of NASA, in collaboration with the European Space Agency, National Space Programs and Associated Amateur Radio Associations.

ARACE et le collège Jean Charcot - contact ARISS du 08/12/2016

Articles Ouest France du 18/12/2016

ARACE et le collège Jean Charcot - contact ARISS du 08/12/2016

Articles Ouest France du 10/12/2016

 Articles Ouest France du 11/12/2016


ARACE et le collège Jean Charcot - contact ARISS du 08/12/2016

Articles Ouest France du 09/12/2016


ARACE et le collège Jean Charcot - contact ARISS du 08/12/2016

Article Ouest France du 08/12/2016

Article Ouest France du 03/12/2016


Article Ouest France du 02/12/2016



* : ARISS : Programme éducatif mondial sous l’égide de la NASA, en collaboration avec l’Agence Spatiale Européenne, les programmes spatiaux nationaux et les associations de Radio Amateurs affiliées.

ARACE et le collège Jean Charcot - contact ARISS

Article Ouest France du 08/07/2016


* : ARISS : Programme éducatif mondial sous l’égide de la NASA, en collaboration avec l’Agence Spatiale Européenne, les programmes spatiaux nationaux et les associations de Radio Amateurs affiliées.

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